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Virgin Mary & Archangel Michael Coptic Orthodox Church

Aug 17, 2023

اليوم11 مسرى17 اغسطس
في مثل هذا اليوم تنيح الأب القديس الأنبا مويسيس أسقف كرسي أوسيم ، كان بتولا طاهرا منذ صغره وقد درس علوم الكنيسة ورسم شماسا ثم قصد برية شيهيت وترهب عند رجل قديس وقضي في خدمته ثماني عشرة سنة مداوما علي الصلاة والصوم متحليا بالإتضاع والمحبة . ولما ذاعت فضائله رسموه أسقفا لأوسيم بعد الأنبا جمول . فسار سيرة فاضلة صالحة وازداد في الفضيلة ورعي رعية المسيح أحسن رعاية . وكان زاهدا فلم يقتن شيئا في كل زمانه . وقد قاسي مع البابا ميخائيل بطريرك الإسكندرية السادس والأربعين شدائد عظيمة وصنع الله علي يديه آيات وعجائب وكثيرا ، فكان يتنبأ عن الحوادث قبل وقوعها ومنها أنه قال مرة لأنبا تادرس أسقف مصر . " أن الملك لن يعود إلى ملكه " . وهكذا كان . ولما أكمل سعيه ووصل إلى شيخوخة صالحة مرض قليلا . وإذ عرف وقت نياحته استدعي شعبه وباركهم وأوصاهم ثم سألهم أن يصلوا من أجله فبكوا جميعا طالبين منه أن يطلب هو عنهم أمام المسيح ثم بسط يديه وصلي وودعهم وتنيح بسلام ، بعد أن أقام علي الكرسي نيف وعشرين سنة
صلاته تكون معنا . ولربنا المجد دائما . آمين

Departure of St.Moisis, Bishop of Ouseem
On this day, the holy father Anba Moisis (Moses), Bishop of Ouseem, departed. He was pure and chaste from a young age. He learned the church subjects, and was ordained a deacon. Then he went to the desert of Scetis and became a monk, under the direction of a righteous man. Anba Moisis served him for eighteen years, devoting himself to praying and fasting, and was adorned with humility and love. As the report of his virtues noised throughout, he was ordained a bishop for Ouseem after Anba Gamoul. He pursued a good, virtuous life, increased in righteousness, and he shepherded the flock of Christ with the best of care. He was ascetic and did not own anything all his life. He suffered, along with Pope Michael, 46th Patriarch of Alexandria, many tribulations. God wrought many signs and miracles on his hands. Often, Anba Moisis foretold incidents before their occurrences. For example, once he told Anba Tadros, Bishop of Misr, that the King would not return to his kingdom, and it was so. When he completed his strife and was in a good old age, he had a short illness. When he knew the time of his departure, he called his congregation, blessed them, commended them, and asked them to pray for him. They all wept and asked him to remember them before Christ. He stretched out his hand, prayed, bid them farewell and departed in peace. He remained in his chair for more than twenty years.
May his prayers be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen

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