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‎‏The Joy of Martyrdom

Sep 8, 2021

‎‏The Joy of Martyrdom

‎‏It is said concerning many of the martyrs, that when they foreknew,
‎‏either by revelation or by information received from one of their friends,

‎‏the day on which they were to receive the crown of martyrdom,
‎‏they did not taste anything the preceding night,

but from evening till morning they stood keeping vigil in prayer,

glorifying God in psalms, hymns, and spiritual odes,
and they looked forward to that hour with joy and exaltation,

‎‏waiting to meet the sword in their fast as ones prepared for the nuptials.

‎‏Therefore let us also be vigilant,
we who are called to an unseen martyrdom so as to receive the crowns ‏of sanctification,

‎‏so that we may never give our enemies a sign of denial with
‎‏any member or part of our body.

‎‏St. Isaac The Syrian

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