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‏Commemoration of Anba Sarapamon, known as "The Veiled" Bishop of El-Monofia

Apr 6, 2021

‏Commemoration of Anba Sarapamon, known as "The Veiled" Bishop of El-Monofia

‏ On this day also is the commemoration of Anba Sarapamon, known as "The Veiled" Bishop of El-Monofia.

‏This blessed and great Saint was contemporary of Pope Petros El-Gawly and one of his famous bishops.

‏God had granted him the gift to heal the sick, and to cast out evil spirits.

‏He was called Salib. When he was a young man, some evil women seized him and accused him of murdering a young man they had killed in the market.

‏In the court, he lifted up his heart to God and with tears he asked the help of St. Mary and other saints.

‏He looked to the slain person and asked him to confess before the judge who killed him.

‏The slain person rose up and told the judge about the murderesses.

‏The judge was astonished and set Salib free.

‏Salib left the court and went immediately to St. Antonios monastery to become a monk, and later on, the Pope chose him a Bishop for El-Monofia.

‏When Mohammed Ali Basha asked the Pope's help concerning his daughter Zahra Hanem who was possessed by evil spirit,

‏he sent Anba Sarapamon who healed her by praying over her.

‏Mohammed Ali offered him money, but he refused saying that God's gifts are free.

‏When the Governor insisted he asked for supplies and clothes for the monks in the monasteries,

‏and to reinstate the Copts to their jobs in the government.

‏May his prayers be with us, and glory be to God forever. Amen.

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