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‏I open my mouth chanting, praising with a joyful voice, "Hail O St.

Nov 24, 2021

‏I open my mouth chanting, praising with a joyful voice, "Hail O St. Mina, the martyr of Jesus Christ."

‏With God's will I start, telling you about this righteous, originally was a soldier, and a strong zealous hero.

‏He was a prince by birth, this precious gem, his mother was Euphemia, and his father Odoxis.

‏Euphemia his mother, was a barren woman, who entreated the pure, the Mother of the Almighty.

‏Her prayers were answered, and the Virgin said "Amen," she was granted a son, St. Mina the faithful.

‏He grew up in all purity, and advanced in the army, he was clever and educated, in the Christian sciences.

‏He loved our God, and he was very brave, he always fasted and prayed, and full of humility.

‏This chosen one was invited, to worship idols, but he confessed without fear, "I am the servant of the Judge."

‏You left worldly things, and everything on earth, you sought the heavenly, out of love for its Creator.

‏Hail to you O chosen one, O son of Odoxis, O vanquisher of the wicked, The sons of the cursed Satan.

‏Hail to you O hero, the head of all the braves, hail to you O hero, who erases all sadness.

‏Hail to you night and day, O brave hero, your name filled every country, and places on earth.

‏Hail to you O St. Mina, O wonder worker, hail to you O St. Mina, the preventor of calamities.

‏You're famous for your wonders, above all the brave ones, I entreat you to intercede for me, on the Day of Judgment.

‏Many are your miracles, O most favored hero, they cannot be counted, O martyr of the holy Lord.

‏You wrought great wonders, with all those who sought you, and also the Shepherd of the sheep, witnessed your wonders.

‏Hail to the wonder worker, St. Mina the faithful, hail to the strong hero, the believers' intercessor.

‏You were granted three crowns, from the holy Lord, with happiness and with joy, O most favored hero.

‏One is for martyrdom, and one for celibacy, and the third one is for, seclusion in the wilderness.

‏Blessed are you and hail to you, O favored righteous one, the angels chant to you, "Axios, axios."

‏The meaning of your name, on all believers' lips, is "O God of St. Mina, do help us all."

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