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‏Martyrdom of St.

Sep 8, 2021

‏Martyrdom of St.Andrianus

‏ On this day also, St. Andrianus, one of the commanders of the army of the emperor, was martyred.

‏This saint, whenever he saw a martyr he would ask him, "Why do you do that to yourself?"

‏They answered him, "In the hope of the eternal life, and the everlasting kingdom."

‏He went to the emperor and confessed the Lord Christ.

‏The Emperor tortured him much then imprisoned him with many martyrs.

‏Anatolia, the wife of this saint, cut off her hair, and dressed in a man's apparel.

‏She came to the prison and ministered to the martyrs.

‏She strengthened her husband, comforted and consoled him.

‏When other women heard about what she did, they did the same.

‏Later on the emperor ordered the legs of the prisoners broken until they die.

‏This saint came and encouraged her husband until he delivered his soul to the hand of the Lord.

‏After all the martyrs had delivered up their souls,

‏the emperor ordered their bodies burned,

‏but God brought down dew which put out the fire.

‏Some believers carried the bodies to Pisidia.

‏A prince asked to marry St. Anatolia, but she refused.

‏When she finished her strife, she departed in peace.

‏May their prayers be with us. Amen.

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