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‏Martyrdom of St.

Oct 9, 2021

‏Martyrdom of St.Arbsima the Virgin and Her Sisters the Virgins

‏ On this day was the martyrdom of the holy virgins Arbsima and Agatha and their sisters during the reign of Emperor Diocletian.

‏This infidel sought out the most beautiful damsel to marry.

‏He sent the painters to every country and ordered them to paint a picture of the most beautiful damsel that their sights fell on and to give him an accurate description of her.

‏When they arrived nearby Rome, they entered a monastery for the virgins and they found Saint Arbsima and thought that their was none like her in beauty.

‏They painted a portrait of her and sent it to the Emperor who rejoiced at it.

‏He then sent to the kings and governors to invite them to the wedding celebrations.

‏ When Arbsima and the virgins knew this thing, they wept, and they went forth form the monastery entreating the Lord Christ to help them and to keep their virginity.

‏They came to the country of Armenia, and entered the city of Tridatah.

‏There they dwelt in a winery in a ruined garden.

‏They had great tribulation in getting their food so one of them made glass and sold it, and with the money they paid for their food.

‏When Diocletian sought for Arbsima, he did not find her.

‏Later he heard that she was in the country of Armenia so he sent to Tridatah the governor to inform him about her and to keep her.

‏When the virgins heard that, they left their shelter and hid themselves in the city.

‏But some men told about them.

‏Tridatah then commanded to bring Arbsima to him and when she did not wish to go,

‏they abducted her and brought her to him.

‏When he saw her beauty, he wanted to have her for himself, but she did not let him.

‏He brought her mother to persuade her but instead she besought her to endure patiently,

‏she comforted her, told her that she must not forsake her true Bridegroom,

‏the Lord Jesus Christ, and that she must not defile her virginity.

‏When he knew what her mother had done, he commanded to break her teeth,

‏but God gave St.Arbsima power to overcome the governor;

‏she pushed him forcefully and he fell on his back.

‏She went away and left him lying on the floor although he was well known in war for his strength and bravery.

‏He was ashamed of having been vanquished by a virgin damsel and ordered his men to cut off her head.

‏The soldiers came and tied her, tore out her tongue, plucked out her eyes,

‏and then cut her into pieces.

‏When the governor rose up from his fall and his senses returned to him, he repented having killed the saint. He ordered to slay the rest of the virgins.

‏The soldiers bored in the soles of their feet, flayed them, cut them in pieces,

‏and then cast them out. One of them was sick and was lying on a bed,

‏and she cried out to the soldiers to make her join her sisters.

‏So, they cut off her head also and thus, all the virgins received crowns of martyrdom.

‏The soldiers also slew all who had come with them from Rome.

‏After their departure, the governor became mad and doctors could not help him until Saint Gregory, Bishop of Armenia, came to him and prayed over him.

‏By this he was healed of his affliction and believed in the Lord Christ.

‏And he took the bodies of the holy and pure virgins and laid them in a holy place.

‏May their prayers and blessings be with us all, and Glory be to God forever. Amen.

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