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▪️ They said unto the blind man again, What say you of him, that he has opened your eyes?

Apr 17, 2021

▪️ They said unto the blind man again, What say you of him, that he has opened your eyes?
He said, He is a prophet. - John 9:17

🛑 And he said, He is a prophet.

They receive a sharp arrow into their hearts, who do not admit fair and just reasoning,

and are eager to seek that only which gratifies their malice.

For, as it is written, the crafty man shall not meet with prey.

For their zealous design is upset, contrary to their expectation;

and they are greatly disappointed of their hope when to their surprise

they receive the reply: He is a prophet.

For the man who had been healed, judging very rightly,

agrees with the opinion of the other party. For they, not unwisely considering the nature of the action,

maintain that a man who was a sinner could not perform such a deed: and he upon whom the marvel has been wrought,

all but pursuing the same track of argument,

declares Jesus to be a prophet, not yet having accurately learned Who He is in truth,

but adopting a notion current among the Jews.

For it was customary with them to call wonder-workers prophets,

deeming that their holiness was thereby borne witness to by God.

Accordingly, just as they wisely determine not to dishonour the majesty of the Divine sign oat of reverence for the sabbath, but argue from it that

He Who wrought it was altogether guiltless of sin;

so also I suppose this man, thrusting aside the petty cavil respecting the sabbath,

with worthier thoughts gives glory to Him Who had freely given him sight,

and, having allotted him a place amongst holy men, calls him a prophet.

He seems to me, moreover, not to have thought too highly of the regulations of the law;

for [otherwise] he would not have admired Jesus so much,

or raised his Physician to the rank of a prophet in spite of his apparent transgression of the sabbatical law.

Having certainly derived benefit from the marvellous deed,

and having arrived at a better state of mind than that of the Jews,

he is therefore obliged to admit a superiority to legal observances in the Wonder-worker,

Who, in doing good works, deemed an infringement of the law altogether blameless.

St. Cyril of Alexandria

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