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Jun 14, 2022

➕ Some may ask why the Lord did not appear openly to everyone, as He did when He was crucified, instead of appearing only to the disciples, the apostles, and to certain groups of people.

🔴 It was imperative, in order to proclaim His love for humanity, to be crucified publicly,

being the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Whereas the resurrection is a gift, only given to those longing for it and to those honestly seeking to recognize the Person of Christ,

the resurrected from the dead.

🔴 St. John Chrysostom believes that if the Lord appeared publicly to all,

all would probably assume that it is merely an apparition of His person,

and not a true resurrection from the dead.

The disciples themselves, although they heard several times about His resurrection before He was crucified,

were greatly confused by His appearance to them, touching Him, and sharing a meal with Him,

as it was not easy to accept that anybody could be raised from the dead.

That is why, the lord intended by every possible means to confirm to them His resurrection, in order that they would be witnesses to it in their future preaching to the whole world.

Even after His resurrection and His continuous appearances to them,

as they were still confused, feeling the heavy responsibility,

and the apparent impossibility to realize the mission allotted to them,

He talked to them about the things pertaining to the kingdom of God, but, not like His talks prior to His resurrection,

but practically, by revealing His Person to them, to comprehend that the kingdom of God is in recognizing Him, enjoying His love, and the fellowship with Him;

The kingdom is a practical living encounter with Him. He revealed to them as well,

that He is sending them the Holy Spirit,

who will dwell in them and give them the strength to testify to Him,

that the kingdom of God would be realized in the hearts of many in the whole world.

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