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May 13, 2023

➕The life of Joseph was rich in symbols of Christ the Lord in many respects, as:

🔴 Joseph was the beloved son of his father, as Christ the Lord, the Only- begotten Son, with Whom the Father was pleased.

🔴 His father gave him a colored tunic; referring to the Father giving His Son a Church of many talents.

🔴 Joseph descending to visit his brothers, refers to the descent of the Word of God to us to seek us as brothers.

🔴 Casting Joseph in the pit and selling him, symbolize the descent of the Lord Christ into Hades, and Judas’ betraying Him.

🔴 His falling into slavery in Egypt without any sin from his part, but for his brothers’ hatred, is the symbol of Christ the Lord becoming a slave for our sake.

🔴 Leaving his garments in the hands of the Egyptian woman, refers to the Lord Christ leaving His shrouds in the tomb; as death could not overcome Him or hide the resurrection that is in Him.

🔴 Joseph’s encounter, in prison, with the king’s butler who was acquitted the baker who was sentenced to death, refers to His resurrection and death.

🔴 Saving his brothers’ life refers to the glorified Lord Christ, Savior of humanity and Grantor of its life.

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