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Nov 10, 2022

🔴 Judas had no excuse for what he did, on the day he stands for judgment;
For even if he was not aware of His Godhead, yet he saw the wonders He performed;
and enjoyed the gifts He granted to all the apostles, him included;
and he was in no material need, for the treasury was in his hands.

Having daringly committed his sin, he stood before his conscience to judge himself, and was found guilty.
And instead of raising a prayer of remorse and repentance, together with hope in his Savior,
he was overcome with despair, to fall into a worse sin, namely, not believing in the Savior.

➕ “Let his prayer become sin”. A prayer would not be righteous, unless it is by Christ; For it does not wipe out the sin, but would, itself, be a sin... If, after his betrayal, ‘Judas’ prayed with remorse by Christ to seek forgiveness, he would have gotten hope, would have gotten mercy; and would have not hanged himself in despair

St. Augustine

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