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Sep 8, 2022

A child withholding the face of His father

O Lord grant me to behold Your face always.

Lord listen to my tears and save me from death O lover of mankind.

I behold Your glory and is overwhelmed with Your grace and filled with Your light and trod upon Your path without any obstacle.

I behold You so I gain insight through the light of Your face and step unto the cloud of Your glory with the faith of childhood.

Beholding You purifies me and wraps me up with the cloth of righteousness, purity and sanctity.

Also, I am filled with the fire of Your love and acquire true knowledge about You, enjoying Your company.

My Lord Jesus … keep my mouth, tongue and all my senses pure …

grant me tolerance to bear all sorrows and never let my thoughts roam far away from Your precious person O, thou lover of mankind.

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