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Apr 14, 2022

A Door Open in the Heavens

Open to me oh Lord Your door and elevate me from this dirt to the glory of the heavens.

Do not cast Your face from me and the storms of the sea do not drown me.

Send to me Your ship of fire to carry me far from the hardships of this age.

Dye me with Your humility and saturate me with Your love so I may express to You.

أShine Your light in my heart and open in me the door of heaven so I may see You.

Enter me to join in praising with the heavenly.

Remove from me the weight of sin so I may hurry toward You, looking at You alone.

Fill me with Your peace and allow me to sense Your presence and do not allow me to look back anymore.

My Lord Jesus Christ... Hold me and move me from hardships of this world and free me and release me and purify me so that I may reach You.

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