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Mar 14, 2016

A song of love’s reproof, sung by the Holy Spirit through the mouth of Prophet Isaiah. Indeed, the Vinedresser was very faithful towards His vineyard. He planted, protected, beautified, watered, and took care of it, then He waited for good fruit, only to find bad fruit! This is how our souls are, our soul whichGod surrounded by His commandments, sanctified by His dwelling, and supported it by His grace, and waited for the fruit of the Spirit, only to find bad fruit. Yes Lord, You were faithful but we weren’t. However, please do not leave Your vineyard to theft and to be trampled down. Do not uproot thevineyard, which Your right hand planted, but “let it alone this year also”, fix/erect it and confirm it. You have left Your pierced side a new door for us so that we nourish our sick vineyard by Your Holy body, O true Vine, and thus we see the juice of life in Your blood to us, and we are renewed, revived, live and bring forth Your fruit in us. This is our hope.

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