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Jan 23, 2023

A wall of fire and glory

I see you today my GOD fire surrounding me and glory in me.

You surround me with consuming fire that burns my enemies and vanishes and crushes their strength
Your fire burns the malicious ideas and false delusions of evil and remove them.

Exterminating the force of Pharaoh and Amalek, and Nebuchadnezzar and The scorpions and wild beasts, lions, hyenas, wolves and all the forces of the enemy.

Your fire destroys the sycamore of the self and the tree of knowledge and ideas of the world and its habits that deposited in me.

You are an internal light in me and the cloud of Your Glory shining from Your face in me and allows me to hear Your sweet voice,

and delights me with Your wonderful beauty and fills me with faith and places within me the secret and strength of Your Kingdom and writes in me your commandments.

Lord Jesus Christ remove from me all negotiations of the world and its ideas, and fill me joy and longing and love.

In temptation, grant me patience and wisdom in trial and to taste the secrets of Your Grace every day.

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