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Sep 20, 2022

And they will see His face

1. Lord, show me your face, and open my eyes so I may see you and fill me from your endless glory.

2. Grant me the secrets of worshiping you in spirit and righteousness and to praise you and to be thankful all the days of my life.

3. Fill me with your blessed oil and your everlasting spirit so that evil never finds his place inside me.

4. Fight and defeat my enemy on my behalf with Your blazing light that is in me.
5. Bring me back from captivity, purify my towers, and grant me your hugs of love.

6. Grant me pure eyes that can light my whole body as a lantern.

7. Let your light work in me with the spirit of simplicity, joy, true love, and patience.

+ My Lord Jesus Christ, there is no place for me to escape. So come turn of the fiery furnace and lead me with the fire and the cloud to Your place of rest, where the tree and river of life are.

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