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Sep 23, 2022

And you reveled it to the Children

Today my Lord I cry to you, grant to me that great blessing. That great blessing that you gave to your children in all generations.

Then looking to you, realizing you, your kingdom and your secrets with the kids lightened spirit.

To see you coming to banish the fever out and forbid the evil. Therefore I am healed.

I see you early in the vastness. So I go out to you to be indulged by your love and filled by your manna.

To see you full of joy so I become jubilant by the Holy Spirit and comprehend your glory's secret, and to be held in your arms and you flood me with your love.

So I love you from all my heart,soul,power,thoughts and I love all your children.

Fasten to you with all my heart and desires.

I rejoice in my poverty by your richness and by your treasure in my clay vassal.

My lord Jesus CHRIS in my babyhood you fill me with faith, love and the Holy Spirit and
You make me a soldier for you, who doesn't distress for anything but to fight for your kingdom.

My lord Jesus CHRIS gives me that secret, which you granted to your children,
Don't surrender me not to those who afflict me and don't let the evil spoil my simplicity.

But give me the simple eye in every thing and at all times.
Or else my heart be darkened.

Oh the lover of mankind.

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