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Apr 2, 2021

As a house that has its master at home is full of all
orderliness and beauty and seemliness,

so the soul which
has its Lord with it, and abiding in it, is full of all beauty.

It has the Lord with His spiritual treasures for its inhabitant
and its charioteer. But woe to the house whose master is
away, and whose lord is not present.

It is desolate, and
broken down, full of all uncleanness and disorder.

There, as the prophet says, sirens and demons dwell.

In the
deserted house are cats and dogs, and all uncleanness.

Woe to the soul that does not arise from its grievous fall,
nor receive the fair Master of the house, even Christ,

for its inhabitant, but remains in its uncleanness,

and has within it
those who persuade and compel it to have enmity with its
own Bridegroom,
and desire to corrupt its thoughts from Christ.

St. Macarius the Great

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