Aug 31, 2018

The elderly lady wakened her son when she heard a knock on the door after midnight.

The son opened the door to find two policemen who informed him that they had arrested a man jumping over the fence of his home.
He had stolen goods.

“We want someone to come to the station to identify the stolen objects.” The policeman said.
“I’ll come with you,” said the son.

The mother heard the story and immediately went to Andrew’s room to find it empty.
She wanted to join her son to the police station. The son tried to discourage her from going but she insisted.
When the elderly lady reached the room where Andrew was, she greeted him in a friendly manner but Andrew could not look at her.

The officer was surprised and asked her, “Do you know him?”
“Yes, sure, I do.
He’s a friend of the family.” “We found him jumping over the fence.”
“He’s a friend and he lives in this house.”
“We found a valuable piece with him.”
“I gave it to him to fix it.”
“You don’t accuse him of theft?”
“We’ll let him go on your guarantee.”

“No, we’ll take him home to spend the night with us.”
Andrew could not bear this dialogue;

he felt he had escaped the police arrest to be captive at a love he never experienced before.
Andrew was speechless; one of the sons took him by the hand to the car to go back to the villa.

Andrew with tears rolling kissed the old woman’s hand asking for her forgiveness for biting the hand that helped him.
The elderly lady said to him, “Don’t say that Andrew. God forgives us daily.”

He accepted to go with them to the villa.

As they arrived there, he got down the car and his eyes were fixed towards the place where he had jumped down.
He spent the night weeping.
Early next morning after praying with the family and having breakfast, he left and never returned.

Fr Tadros Yacoub Malaty

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