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Sep 10, 2022

Behold and experience how pleasant is the Lord.

O Lord, when will You come to take us back to You ..

Lord grant us true readiness and longing for Your second coming experiencing and enjoying Your love.

Lord, grant me wisdom of speech to face all circumstances without being disturbed for You are almighty, omnipotent, good and kind.

Grant me patience, steadfastness in every good deed in continuous longing to Your precious person peacefully and joyfully.

Gant me the desire to lift up my eyes and soul … gazing at You awaiting fervently Your second coming.

Grant me awareness staying up late joyfully and contently without any laziness awaiting Your second coming.

Grant me peace of mind amidst tribulations that I may cross the path successfully.

Grant me yearning to Holy Communion in the same way as I long for Your coming.

Fill me with thine glory, with hope, condolences and steadfastness.

Elevate me from all worldly matters and grant me growth in grace and the true knowledge about You.

My Lord Jesus … never allow me to stop praising Your Holy Name by speech of mouth or by my inward feelings deep at heart,

until the time comes when I meet with You and stay at rest with You forever.

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