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Apr 12, 2022

Beholding the glory of God

Oh GOD open Your door for me To see Your glory and enjoy Your company,

Let Your face shine on your servant And don't cast me away oh Lover of mankind,

Release me from my captivity and arise me, and have mercy on me and guided me to Your fountain of love and cleanse me,

Fill me with the faith of the master seed so I pray by the Spirit and wish Your coming to take me

Don't let me fall in the hand of enemies yet untie me, rescue me and don't leave me alone,

Grant me awaken, and ,desire and honesty in the little,

My lord Jesus Christ Dress me your light to walk in spirit and cross the body and its desire.

Your blood purify me from my inequity and my suffering so don't forbid me the partaking of your body and blood
Oh the lover of mankind

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