Sep 14, 2018

In Egypt was your root
The Church commemorates you
On the fourth day of Tout
Fighting army from Thebes
to Europe would report
You volunteered to go
to help and to support
The emperor in fury
Maximianos ordered
They worshipped his idols
or they would be murdered
The soldiers all stood fast
adhering to their faith
None of them would obey
martyrdom was their fate

Stranded in the faraway land
She was guided to stay
to serve in Switzerland
Devoting all her life
living in a small cave
Through giving to the needy
help and counsel she gave
People flocked to see her
she taught them health and care
For their bodies and their souls
her wisdom, she did share
Miracles she did perform
the sick, their health regained
Casting out many demons
humble life she retained

purity and chastity
You were symbol of true
faith in Christianity
And when your time had come
leaving all those you served
Heaven opened its gates
Come O faithful you heard
Throughout the Christian world
churches in many nations
Were built after your name
with great admiration
Sixteen centuries later
part of you to Egypt came
Your person we venerate
praising your blessed name

The meaning of your name
is on the lips of the believers
All of them ask the God
of Saint Verena, to help us all.

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