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“Christ is with us.

Jul 20, 2021

“Christ is with us.

He is here on the altar with us.
Why don’t we ask for everything from Him?”

For this reason, there is not a single request or need of the people that is not included in the liturgy.
We pray for all people, all the servants, the leaders, the seeds, herbs, the plants of the field the waters of the river, the air.

We pray for the brokenhearted, the travelers, and the sick.

We pray for those who offered the gifts and oblations.

We pray for everyone in the liturgy.


Because of the certainty in our belief that Christ is present with us.

We will ask Him for everything that we want or need.

Let us suppose that we meet today with the president or the prime minister.

It would be a chance for all of us, given that we are having a good meeting of love,

to present to him everything that we want and be assured that he will fulfill what we ask.

From this, the church placed these prayers as though taking advantage of the presence of Christ, attending through His Body and Blood on the altar.

It is a true and active presence.

So, the Church began to ask Him for everything that she wants.

Bishop Youanis of Gharbia

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