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Apr 29, 2023

Content in the Lord.

You Lord fulfill me from the richness of Your grace and from the rock of Your love,

So You heal me and save me from the corruption so I sacrifice to You the sacrifice of praise,

And You open my sight to follow You and abide In You and be filled by Your glory,

You fill me from Your peace and I become rich by Your treasure and ignite me by the fire of Your love,

And rejoice by You, see You and love You from all my heart and love all my brethren,

And be prepared for Your coming girding my loins and lighting my lantern,

And You release me from jail and You reveal to me the secrets of Your kingdom,

You overtake my enemies by Your power and Your grace,

My Lord Jesus Christ.... fulfill me and quench my thirst and save me from my sojourn in this age until I cross to You .

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