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Departure of Saints Bioukha and Tayaban (Banayen) the Priest

Jul 8, 2021

Departure of Saints Bioukha and Tayaban (Banayen) the Priest

On this day also, the fighters Sts. Bioukha and Banayen, departed.

They were priests in the church of "Tunah" of the diocese of "Tanda".

Their father was the steward of this church.

It happened when the priest Banayen was celebrating the Divine Liturgy,

someone came calling him to see his father who was dying in that instant.

He answered him saying, "I cannot take off my priestly vestment before the end of the service.

If God is willing, I shall see him before he dies, otherwise it will be the will of God."

His father asked for him three times, and he responded with the same answer.

When he finished the mass, he found his father had departed.

The church vessels were stored in a place known only by his father.

Banayen the priest went to St. Daniel, the priest of the wilderness of Shiheet,

who guided him by Divine inspiration, to the place where the vessels were stored.

These two saints lived a virtuous life until they departed in peace.

May their prayers be with us, and Glory be to God forever. Amen.

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