Sep 6, 2018

and this is the reason why the envious are never exempt from trouble and vexation.
If an abundant harvest fills the granaries of a neighbor, if success crowns his efforts,
the envious man is chagrined and sad.
If one man can boast of prudence, talent, and
eloquence; if another is rich, and is very liberal to the poor, if good works are praised
by all around, the envious man is shocked and grieved.

The envious, however, dare not speak; although envy makes them counterfeit
gladness, their hearts are sore within. If you ask him what vexes him, he dare not tell the reason.

It is not really the happiness of his friend that annoys him, neither is
it his gaiety that makes him sad, nor is he sorry to see his friend prosper; but it is
that he is persuaded that the prosperity of others is the cause of his misery.

This is what the envious would be forced to acknowledge, if they spoke the truth
sincerely; but because they dare not confess so shameful a sin, they, in secret, feed
a sore which tortures them and eats away their rest.

As the shadow ever accompanies the pedestrian when walking in the sun, so envy throws its shadow on those who are successful in the world.


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