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May 5, 2021

Feed My Lambs, Take Care Of My Sheep


Why do we deny Peter's headship while the Lord said to him after the resurrection: "Feed My lambs,. take care of My sheep?


The Lord Jesus Christ did not say these phrases to him in order to appoint him Pastor of the Universal Church but to bring him back to the apostolic rank which he was on the point of losing because of his denial.

With this phrase, the Lord made him equal to the other apostles.

He was exposed to the text which says "But he who denies Me before men will be denied before the angels of God." (Luke 12:9) to be applied to him.

It is clear that The Lord Jesus Christ said to him "Tend My sheep." in a reprimand situation as He asked him three times saying "Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me?" (John 21: 15- 17)

By these words, the Lord wished to remind him of his denials.

Moreover His question carried a light reprimand with which the Lord reminds Peter of his words " Even if all are made to stumble because of You, I will never be made to stumble " (Matt 26:33)

Pope Shenouda III

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