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May 18, 2023

God dwell in us

Lord allow me to enter your holy of holies inside me where I am astonished,

With you I rejoice and be filled from the bread and enjoying the honey,

There I see you and you supply me the life and the healing,

And I hear your voice and truly follow you and I walk in the light,

And I get power for the tolerance and put all my worries on you and I pour my tears,

And ignite by you oh the true fire and receive from your spiritual gifts,

And I get filled from your glory and I see the open heaven and the real kingdom,

And I get to share your sufferings that heal and give life,

And I enjoy the righteousness of the sunrise that heals and purifies.

My lord Jesus Chris ….

Save me from the bonds of the body and soul and all the outside unrighteous matters

So I come in to you and enjoy your blessing in me

Oh the lover of mankind.

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