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Sep 14, 2022

“God Is the Giver of Gifts”.

Let the martyr turn his back on the unbelieving and ungrateful flatterer;

let him turn his face toward the most generous of bountiful givers and impute his very martyrdom to God,

not treating it as something he has offered to God from what is his own.

Let him say instead, “In the Lord shall my soul be praised;

let the gentle hear and be glad.”

And when you say to him, “What do you mean, ‘In the Lord shall my soul be praised?’

So is it not being praised in yourself?”

—he responds with, “Shall not my soul subject itself to God?

For it is from him that my patience comes.” So why is it mine?

Because I opened my lap and was happy to receive it; it is from him, and it is mine.

Both from him, and also mine; and because”

“it is from him, it is mine all the more safely.

It is mine, but it does not come to me from myself.

In order really to possess my gift,

I acknowledge God as the giver.

Because if I do not acknowledge God as the giver,

God takes away his good thing,

and there only remains my bad thing,

through my choice,

through my free will.”

St. Augustine

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