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Jan 15, 2022

Guide me in the eternal road

Lord don't leave me to my passion and my opinion yet hold my right hand and leads me by Your spirit

Have mercy on my ignorant so I Don't Fall.
By my enemies hand yet guide me with your consulate

I throw all my worries on You and rely on You because You are my life, my hope and everything to me,

Let me hear Your voice to follow You to Your Prairie where the growth and secure.

Don't forbid me from Your dinner or Your eternal wedding yet prepare me for it ,

Your power heals me and untie my bonds and raise me from the death and protect me under Your wings.

In the cloud of Your glory l have the hope of the fulfillment and the power the permanent abiding in You,

Fill me from Your gladness and Your peace and keep me in the virtue and the quietness
My lord Jesus Christ...

Teach me the repentance and rejoice me with the narrow gate and show me Your grace and fill me with humbleness and patient

and don't leave me to myself at all until I cross and see the pain and rests in Your loved arms forever

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