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Hail to you Michael,

Nov 21, 2021

Hail to you Michael,
The head of the heavenly hosts,
An angel of peace and joy,
Serving the Lord of hosts.

He crowned you,
Made you light in heaven,
And called you Michael,
Meaning "Who is like God."

God the Logos,
Who is full of greatness,
Gave you the sword of anger,
And filled you with wisdom.

He gave you the trumpet of grace,
To proclaim to the world,
The Resurrection of the dead,
And the Second Coming.

You brought down Satan,
From his highest rank,
Placed him in the sad land,
And cast him to the earth.

You made Hades his home,
Along with his army,
The fire burns within him,
And his crimes won´t be erased.

His authority and his rank,
Your soldiers controlled,
After you defeated him,
They made it their own.

You performed many wonders,
With the righteous Dorotheus,
His wife Theobesta,
Euphemia and Aristarchus.

You prevented Satan,
When he came close,
To Moses´ body,
Through the name of the Logos.

Hail to you Michael,
The ever watchful guard,
Your remembrance in every age,
Terrifies Satan´s soldiers.

Hail to you Michael,
The help of the poor,
The strength of the weak,
Intercessor of the faithful.

Hail to you Michael,
The wonder worker,
For the Christian people,
Who prevents disasters.

Hail to you Michael,
The intercessor for everyone,
You pray for the rivers,
The seeds and the fruits.

The meaning of your name,
Is on the mouth of all faithful,
They all say together,
O God of Michael help us all.

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