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Hail to you O St.

May 1, 2023

Hail to you O St. George,
Who bears the great name,
The holy Lord chose you,
In all cities He spread your fame.

You came, O chosen one,
To Diocletian, the evil one,
And disgraced the infidels,
With the sign of the Cross.

Diocletian saw your face,
Filled with God´s grace,
Shining beautifully,
As a star in the sky.

He asked you, O chosen one,
"Where are you from,
Three years have gone,
And like you, I have seen none.

What do you want from me,
Now, why did you come,
Come and tell me again,
Where are you from.

For the sake of Jesus your Lord,
Do tell me, O good man,
About your fathers and forefathers,
Their nobility and royalty.

Gawar-geios replied,
"I am the son of Anastasios,
And I am a servant of my Lord,
Esos Pikhrestos.

Cappadocia is our country,
But we're from Palestine,
And there we were brought up,
To love the Divine.

Diocletian told him,
Come and worship the idols,
And offer incense,
And I´ll issue your pardon.

Gawar- geios replied,
I am the son of the honored seed,
How can you order me,
To worship the idols.

Diocletian gave an order,
To torture the saint,
And the soldiers stripped him,
And hammered steel pins in him.

Seven numbered years,
He suffered from tortures,
He bore all torments,
For the love of the Lord of lords.

He died three times,
For His Holy name,
In the love of the Lord of hosts,
The Life-Giver of all souls.

And in the fourth death,
He departed rejoicing,
And earned his martyrdom,
And received seven crowns.

He won through the grace,
Of the holy Lord,
And became a martyr,
Pa-shois Epouro Geor-geioc.

Hail to you O victorious,
O general of all soldiers,
Who for your sake ,
All the pagans were disgraced.

Hail to you O saint,
O son of Anastasios,
Who reached a pure state,
The servant of Pikh-restos.

The exposition of your name,
Is in the mouth of the believers,
All of them proclaim,
"O God of St. George, help us all."

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