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Hail to you O St.

Jun 22, 2022

Hail to you O St. Mina, O wonder worker, hail to you O St. Mina, the preventor of calamities.

You're famous for your wonders, above all the brave ones, I entreat you to intercede for me, on the Day of Judgment.

Many are your miracles, O most favored hero, they cannot be counted, O martyr of the holy Lord.

You wrought great wonders, with all those who sought you, and also the Shepherd of the sheep, witnessed your wonders.

Hail to the wonder worker, St. Mina the faithful, hail to the strong hero, the believers' intercessor.

You were granted three crowns, from the holy Lord, with happiness and with joy, O most favored hero.

One is for martyrdom, and one for celibacy, and the third one is for, seclusion in the wilderness.

Blessed are you and hail to you, O favored righteous one, the angels chant to you, "Axios, axios."

The meaning of your name, on all believers' lips, is "O God of St. Mina, do help us all."

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