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Has filled the hungry with goodness

Dec 21, 2021

Has filled the hungry with goodness

GOD You chose Zion, which is in my heart, to live in it and shine Your grace upon it.

Come today and rebuke the evil from my heart and heal me from the fever so I may receive Your grace.

Come today and see my dead soul that is thrown by Your feet and heal it and prepare it to receive Your righteous grace.

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and with Your righteous goodness until my soul rejoices You, my Savior.

Grant me the true repentance that it may make me ready for the forgiveness so that I may praise You. You who prepares me for the treasures of love.

Rebuke the darkness from me and fill me from Your Light and Your Love and the brotherly love and vanish all that belongs to the world.

Make a place to you in my heart full of your grace oh the Lover of mankind.

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