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Jul 15, 2021

+ He who fears the Lord, the blessed man,

will readily obey the commandments of the Lord;

he feels strong and deep love toward His commandments.

To perceive this,

the psalmist did not say that he just abides

to the commandments of the Lord;

as many are those who do because of fear,

and would not get a reward.

He who, out of fear of Hell,

refrains from committing adultery,

will not get a reward,

as great as him who ministers to the Lord with faithfulness through love.

He whose will is in the law of God,

desires what God desires,

zealously desires to consummate the will of God; ....

Perpetually carries a great love,

to consummate the will of the Lord;

he not only does according to His commands,

but desires them with his whole zeal of heart.

(St. Jerome)

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