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Sep 19, 2022

Here I'm with you

1. My Savior, it is enough for me that You are with me and I am with you always.

2. Deliver me across the seas and the rivers and through the fire and the water to rest and happiness.

3. Accompanied me through my wilderness, giving me comfort in my tent until I have reached my resting place.

4. Showing me Yourself that would fulfill me with joy, peace and power so I will worship You with the spirit and the righteousness.

5. You fulfill me from Your love and heal my wounds and sit me by your feet.

6. You grant me to be Your son by Your spirit and fill me from Your glory, righteousness and splendor.

7. You wipe my tears and quench my thirst with Your sweet, endless water and blessing.

+ My Lord Jesus Christ who is with me and in me, do not let me be away from you for even a moment.

And do not take Your holy presence away from me, lest I die. Oh Lover of mankind, do not let anything be the reason I am away from You.

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