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Nov 5, 2022

His Servants are flares of fire

With Your Holy Spirit oh Lord ignite fire in my heart and my mind for Your great strength.

Your light fills my thoughts, feelings, sences, and my life so I rejoice in You

Your fear fills me so that my killing thoughts goes away
Your fire flames me so that I work seriously with passion,

to be honest in what is Yours.

Your power heals me and fulfills me and enrich me and purify me.

Your fire leads me in this world's ocean and it takes down all the devil's castles
Your love's fire nails me to the cross.

Then I cross myself to the world and carry Your characteristics
Your love's fire pulls me to Your fatherly arms and Your heart's happiness.

Your fire purifies me from my impurities.

And I clothe in the wedding dress and I proceed in gladness
Your fire fills me from Your wondrous love.

And the love of my brethren
Your fire lets me always hear Your voice and leads me in the land of my sojourny until I reach You

My Lord Jesus Christ Dress me with the dress of righteousness and whiten
my dress with Your blood

Prepare me to meet you in happiness and authority of darkness can't over take me.

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