Apr 16, 2019

For You do not desire the death of a sinner, rather he returns and lives, have pity upon my weakness, and do not look at me in anger.

+ I have sinned O Jesus my Lord, I have sinned O Jesus my God, O King do not count the sins, which I have committed.

I ask You O my Savior, let Your mercies come to me, and save me from the troubles, that come to my soul.

+ Do not send me to the fire, for my ignorance like Sodom, and likewise do not destroy me, like Gomorrah.

But O my Lord deal with me, like the people of Nineveh, those who have repented, and You forgave them their sins.

+ But may Your mercies, come unto me quickly, that I may proclaim with those people, with an unceasing voice.

Wherefore I entreat You, O Lord God my Savior, do not judge me, I the weak and sinful.

+ But rather absolve and remit, my many iniquities, as a good One and Lover of man, have mercy upon us according to Your great mercy.

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