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Apr 27, 2023

I will follow You anywhere You go

I know that the person does not have his own way, You guide my steps and lead me,
My God, Your light leads me so I live by faith and walk by Your grace,

Your beautiful, soft voice guides me and directs me and prepares my steps,

You fulfill me with honey from the stone and quench my thirst from the fountain of Your love, and from Your table.

You give me victory over my enemies so I can stand with the heavenly in front of the throne of Your grace,
You fill me with faith, love,

patience in affliction and longing for Your coming,
You fill me with joy, so I see You near me and I worry about nothing else as Your peace fills me,

You reveal Your secrets to me, and heal my sickness, as I sat under Your feet and rejoice by You,

You fill me from Your love so I rejoice by Your cross and leave everything and follow You,

You clothe me with Your robes and quench my thirst from Your grace and open my eyes so I follow You with all my heart,

My Lord Jesus Christ, fill me from Your fear, ignite my heart with Your true love, and I follow You with all my heart.

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