Sep 25, 2018

without reproach, and it will be given to him.”

Through the heavenly wisdom, one realizes God’s will and His promises to those who
endure patiently to the end, so he rejoices over the temptations as if finding a prey.
That is why we should never cease asking for it, “Lord, grant me wisdom at Your throne and do not reject me from being Your child, for I am Your servant who is weak and deficient in understanding.” (Wisd. 9:5-6)

➕ Just because faith may be given to us before we ask for it,it does not follow that it is not a gift of God.
God may well give it to us before we ask him for it,
just as he also gives peace and love. This is why we pray both that faith may be increased in those who already have it and also that it may be given to those who have not yet received it.

St. Augustine

➕ Why does James tell them to seek wisdom?
It is so that they might have God's assurance.
Only God should be asked for wisdom,
not philosophers or astrologers.
God gives wisdom like a fountain which never runs out of water, and he fills everyone whom he enters,
but the wisdom of philosophers and other human agents is not given in abundance, and it is soon spewed out.

Hilary of Arles

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