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May 6, 2023

If with a touch of His holy body only (in the raising of Jairus’s daughter, Luke 8:54

and the raising of the widow’s only son, Luke 7:12-14)

He gives life to a decaying body, how may we not benefit with the greater wealth of blessing (the Eucharist) of which we partake!

When we taste it we obtain Him who grants life.
For it will surely be transformed for our personal good which is eternal life...

We, who by nature are prone to physical corruption, abandon our natural weakness by mingling with Life and change into the quality of life.
So, this does not just require a recreation of the spirit through the Holy Spirit toward everlasting life;
but rather this earthly coarse body needs to be sanctified and called unto incorruption through the denser and nearer participation.

Saint Cyril the Great

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