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May 10, 2023

I'm HE don't be afraid.

Come to me today Lord on the thought's and body's waves and help me.
So I may be full of Your grace and You and rejoice by Your light and become filled by peace.

And rebuke the wind and the sea and lead my life like a ship to the shore.

Teach me to do Your will and walk in Your way.

And rejoice in my suffering that leads me to the glory.
And I unite with You and You purge me with Your hyssop to cleans me and I become whiter than snow.

You crush the army of Sennacherib and heal me from the sickness of my death.

And You fulfill me and saturate me from Your glory.

My Lord Jesus Christ
Here is my life going like a dream, come and grant me to stay awake in prayer,

avoiding what holds my heart down and longing to Your coming on the cloud to take me

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