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"Let us enjoy a fresh start.

Nov 23, 2021

"Let us enjoy a fresh start..."

Let us observe the characteristics of the Christian life, the basics, not the deviations in the daily life.
Where is the centre of God's Love in your life?

Where is the centre of Faith?
How deep is your relationship with God?

Enter into the depth and do not be shallow in your spirituality or superficially estimate yourself.

Look at yourself as a whole and the extent of its development...

Which way does the spiritual side in your life go?

Are you taking a clear, firm way, in which you are progressing and growing day after day?

Or is there a change, an alteration and a deviation from the holy path; new things that came into you, when they shouldn't!

A principal piece of advice I give you to keep in your mind while sitting with yourself and with God:
Be honest to the fullest...

Beware of justifying yourself, finding excuses and putting the blame on others or on circumstances!

On the day of judgement, God is not going to ask you about the circumstances or about others.

He is going to ask you about yourself.
Enter then inside yourself and yourself only,

nothing else.

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