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Let us go to Bethlehem

Jan 6, 2022

Let us go to Bethlehem

Despite the size and poverty of the cave, it became a meeting place for heavenly hosts and

humble humans. In their own tongues, each praised this exalted divine act.

The virgin stood in amazement and St. Joseph looked in awe at this situation.
He gazed at the wondrous lying child.
❖ The innocent, simple, sincere, pure, and true for they – set apart, took, offered the tithe,
and brought it, and they chose and offered.

Lamb for the Priest, milk for the Infant, praise for the King,
the discerning men carried; the company of the angels thronged;

they approached the cave.

And they entered and saw Him, and they bowed before Him with their gifts.

St Jacob of Sirug

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