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Longing to See the Lord

Jun 23, 2022

Longing to See the Lord

Ascend me to Your holy mountain so I may see You and rejoice by You and praise by Your sight.

Fill me from the wisdom and pure thoughts and Your fire burns the thistles and thorns.

And free me from the bonds of darkness so I may see You and from the bonds of the flesh and the thoughts.

And illuminate with Your face on Your servant and purify my heart from strange thoughts.

And fill me from the longing towards Your coming on the clouds and let it be known to me the shortness of my days.

Quench my thirst and fill my hunger and make me rejoice and remember me when You come into Your kingdom.

Roll away from my heart the stone of self and knowledge so to see You and enjoy You.

My Lord Jesus Christ… Bring me to enter to You with all my heart and thoughts and senses and
do not allow me to leave to the outside… Oh Lover of mankind!!!

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