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Love Dispute

Jul 10, 2021

Love Dispute

A bishop was told that an old couple was in a deep fight together.

He could not believe it since he had known them to live in peace and that they were truly in love since their marriage.

After making sure that what he heard was true, he went to visit them.

He noticed that they were upset at each other.

Asking about the reason, the husband answered, “I’m sad father for,

my wife doesn’t want to obey me.”

The bishop was surprised,

as she was known to be humble.

The husband explained, “A sum of money was sent to us as a blessing and I asked her to buy a dress for herself but she on the other hand,

wanted to buy me a coat, which I don’t need.”

At this point, the wife asked the bishop to judge between them,

“I don’t need a dress while he is in need for a coat.”

The bishop looked at them with feelings of happiness and surprise.

The reason behind the fight between them was not selfishness, greed or personal interests but it was for love.

Each one wanted to put the other before oneself. He rejoiced at that.

It is said that when St. Pachomius noticed that the people of the town of Esna are loving and generous to foreign soldiers, he entered the town.

He saw fights of that nature, where people compete to give and to give oneself.

Father Tadros Yacoub

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