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Nov 23, 2022

love every man as yourself - that is, do not wish him anything that you would not wish for yourself; think,

feel for him just as you would think and feel for your own self;

do not wish to see in him anything that you do not wish to see in yourself;

do not let your memory keep in it any evil, caused to you by others,

in the same way as you would wish that evil done by yourself should be forgotten by others;

do not intentionally imagine either in yourself or in another anything guilty or impure;

believe others to be as well-intentioned as yourself, in general,

if you do not see clearly that they are evilly disposed;

do unto them as you would to yourself,

or even do not do unto them as you would not do unto yourself,

and then you will see what you will obtain in your heart

St. Clement of Alexandria

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