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Nov 9, 2022

Make my way easy

How beautiful is Your way oh Lord because You stay with me and ease my way so help me.

Save me from hardship and take me out of the darkness and free me from my shackles and heal me from corruption and lead me to the port of Your will.

Don’t allow me to carry the burden or be worried by any matter becasue You care for me in every matter.

And Your arms are always open to me and the heavens are open before me.

And vanish the enemies and the beasts of the wilderness from before me.

And fill me from the passion of Your true love and the oil of grace.

Remove the plank from my eye that I may see the way and You before me always.

Extract from me the corruption of the human flesh and take over my heart and every limb.

Fill me with the richness of Your glory, love and marvelous power.

Grant me oh Lord Wakefulness and prayer with a pure heart and that I may follow Your every step so that I may appear before You without blemish and help oh Lover of mankind.

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