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Martyrdom of St.

Nov 16, 2021

Martyrdom of St.George the Alexandrian

On this day, St. George (Gawargios) of Alexandria, was martyred.

His father was a merchant in the city of Alexandria and had no son.

It happened that he travelled to the city of Lydd and attended the feast of the consecration of the Church of St. George the martyr.

He prayed to God, interceding with His great saint that he might have a son.

God answered his prayers, and gave him a son, and he named him George.

His mother was the sister of Armenius, the Governor of Alexandria.

His parents died when he was 25 years old.

George was merciful, loving and kind to the poor and loved the church.

He stayed with his uncle who had only one daughter.

One day she went with some of her friends for an outing.

While they were walking nearby a monastery outside the city, she heard its monks singing sweet hymns.

She was touched by what she had heard and asked her cousin George about it.

He replied that those monks had forsaken the world to worship and he guided her to believe in the Lord Christ.

He told her about the share of the sinners of the final punishment and the share of the righteous of felicity.

When she returned to her father, she told him that she was a believer of Christ.

He tried to reason with her, to dissuade her, and to lure her with great promises.

Then he threatened her.

When she did not hearken to his words, he ordered that her head be cut off, thus she received the crown of martyrdom.

Later on, the Governor knew that George was responsible for her conversion.

He seized him and tortured him severely.

Then he sent him to Ansena where they also tortured him and finally they cut off his holy head, thus he received the crown of martyrdom.

A deacon whose name was Samuel, took his holy body and carried it to the city of Manf, El-Giza province.

When the wife of his uncle Armenius knew about it, she sent for the body and placed it with the body of her martyred daughter in Alexandria.

May His prayers be with us all. Amen.

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