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Martyrdom of St.

Jul 17, 2021

Martyrdom of St.Theodore, Bishop of Pentapolis

On this day, St. Theodore, Bishop of Pentapolis (Five Cities) was martyred.

He was ordained by Pope Theonas (16th) a bishop for the Five Cities (Pentapolis).

One year after his ordination, Diocletian incited the persecution against the Christians everywhere.

He appointed a prince called Pilate, governor of Africa and its provinces.

He heard that this bishop was confirming the Christians in their Christian Faith,

so he brought him and ordered him to offer a sacrifice to the idols.

He replied, "I offer daily the sacrifice for the Creator of the idols."

The Governor asked him, "Is there any other god beside Artemis and Apollo? "

The Saint replied, "Yes, Jesus Christ the creator of all things."

The Governor became angry from his answer and ordered his torture.

They spent forty days torturing him by beating and crucifying him.

When he did not return from his true faith they cut off his head and he received the crown of martyrdom.

May his prayers be with us, Amen.

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