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Sep 12, 2022

My soul is thirst to you

Your many goodness what can be greater than it
oh lord that you saved it to the one who fears you

My soul longed to you and its down to earth for you
oh the lover of mankind.

Quench me with the water of repentance I'm the sinner to kiss your feet
And apply fragrance to it
And fulfill my desire beside your feet.

Saturate me with faith and love
To see you and love you and grow everyday a new step toward your kingdom

Fulfill me with your law's commitment that give life
To meditate with it night and day.

Quench me from the river of life and from the tree of life
Where is the stability in you and to be delighted by you.

Oh the lover of mankind
My Lord Jesus Christ You are my life So don't let me look for the broken Wells That doesn't hold water

And I don't drink from Gihon Because you are the source of the living water and you are Lebanon's rock....

My soul desires you in the night And my spirit also come to you early in the morning.

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